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Capsule Endoscopy by Case Study
Edited by Daniel L. Raines, MD, Capsule Endoscopy by Case Study is a new training tool consisting of a series of 25 teaching cases accompanied by expert discussions of the findings in each case. This curriculum allows for trainees to independently interpret studies that are finding-rich with exposure to a broad spectrum of small bowel disease.

Readers will be provided ample opportunity to develop their skills in capsule endoscopy interpretation as well as software utilization, and they will learn how to differentiate normal from abnormal capsule images by interpreting cases which have already been closely reviewed by experienced capsule readers.
  • 25 teaching cases allow you to gain exposure to specific cases that might otherwise take years to encounter in practice – accompanying DVD contains videos for each case
  • Case-based chapters focus on four key categories: Obscure Gastrointestinal Bleeding, Suspected Small Bowel Crohn's Disease, Celiac Disease and Polyposis Syndromes
  • Over 150 real-life capsule endoscopy images
  • Introductory chapters explore indications, process, interpretation and complications of capsule endoscopy
  • More than 50 leading expert contributors
  • Examine the case history, watch the accompanying video, answer the questions, read the follow-up discussion

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